Wrapping materials in sheets

enlarge picture: Polypropylene Wraps

Polypropylene Wraps 

Polypropylene wraps for plasma, steam and ETO gas sterilization
Colour blue

ItemItem NumberWidthLengthPcs/cs
Polypropylene Wraps1071230 cm30 cm1000
1071538 cm38 cm1000
1072050 cm50 cm1000
1072460 cm60 cm500
1073076 cm76 cm300
1073691 cm91 cm300
10740101 cm101 cm250
10745114 cm114 cm250
10748121 cm121 cm250
10754137 cm137 cm100
10772137 cm137 cm100

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enlarge picture: Crepe Paper Wraps

Crepe Paper Wraps 

For steam and gas sterilization. Water-repellent. Excellent steam penetration
Optimal bacteria barrier. Creping increases flexibility of the paper
60g/m2 Sheets available in green, blue or white - blue is stronger

ItemItem NumberWidthLengthPcs/Cs
Crepe Paper Wraps BLUESC 50 B50 cm50 cm500
SC 60 B60 cm60 cm500
SC 75 B75 cm75 cm250
SC 90 B90 cm90 cm250
SC 100 B100 cm100 cm250
SC 120 B120 cm120 cm100

ItemItem NumberWidthLengthPcs/Cs
Crepe Paper Wraps GREENSPC 40 G40 cm40 cm500
SPC 50 G50 cm50 cm500
SPC 60 G60 cm60 cm500
SPC 75 G75 cm75 cm250
SPC 90 G90 cm90 cm250
SPC 100 G100 cm100 cm250
SPC 120 G120 cm120 cm100
SPC 140 G140 cm140 cm100

ItemItem NumberWidthLengthPcs/Cs
Crepe Paper Wraps WHITESPC 40 W40 cm40 cm500
SPC 50 W50 cm50 cm500
SPC 60 W60 cm60 cm500
SPC 75 W75 cm75 cm250
SPC 90 W90 cm90 cm250
SPC 100 W100 cm100 cm250
SPC 120 W120 cm120 cm100
SPC 140 W140 cm140 cm100

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