enlarge picture: BCR Bond

BCR Bond 

BCR® Bond is ultra-clean and may be used in any class cleanroom
It has been tested following IEST Recommended Practices and is compatible with laser printers and photocopiers
Multi-purpose paper available in three weights: 104 g/m2, 85g/m2, 68g/m2
Bound by synthetic latex for optimal smoothness and cleanliness
Low static charge prevents sheets from sticking together
Autoclavable (with the exception of the blue colored bond)
Can be used as pages in work instructions and equipment manuals, lot tracer sheets and batch records, excellent for archiving records

104 g/m2 (28#)
BCR® Bond 1040 WhiteA3BOND1040.A3.WH.5/2502505
BCR® Bond 1040 BlueA3BOND1040.A3.BL.5/2502505
BCR® Bond 1040 WhiteA4BOND1040.A4.WH.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 1040 BlueA4BOND1040.A4.BL.10/2502505
BCR® Bond 1040 PinkA4BOND1040.A4.PK.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 1040 YellowA4BOND1040.A4.YL.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 1040 GreenA4BOND1040.A4.GN.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 1040 WhiteA5BOND1040.A5.WH.20/25025020
BCR® Bond 1040 BlueA5BOND1040.A5.BL.20/25025020
85 g/m2 (24#)
BCR® Bond 850 WhiteA3BOND850.A3.WH.5/2502505
BCR® Bond 850 BlueA3BOND850.A3.BL.5/2502505
BCR® Bond 850 WhiteA4BOND850.A4.WH.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 850 BlueA4BOND850.A4.BL.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 850 PinkA4BOND850.A4.PK.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 850 YellowA4BOND850.A4.YL.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 850 GreenA4BOND850.A4.GN.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 850 WhiteA5BOND850.A5.WH.20/25025020
BCR® Bond 850 BlueA5BOND850.A5.BL.20/25025020
68 g/m2 (18#)
BCR® Bond 680 WhiteA3BOND680.A3.WH.8/2502508
BCR® Bond 680 BlueA3BOND680.A3.BL.8/2502508
BCR® Bond 680 WhiteA4BOND680.A4.WH.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 680 BlueA4BOND680.A4.BL.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 680 PinkA4BOND680.A4.PK.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 680 YellowA4BOND680.A4.YL.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 680 GreenA4BOND680.A4.GN.10/25025010
BCR® Bond 680 WhiteA5BOND680.A5.WH.20/25025020
BCR® Bond 680 BlueA5BOND680.A5.BL.20/25025020
BCR® Forms 680 (Portrait)
BCR® Forms 680 WhiteA4BFORMS.A4.WH.1/30030001

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enlarge picture: KM Clean Paper

KM Clean Paper 

KM Clean Paper Product is specially designed for writing, printing, and photocopying in the cleanroom environment
Through polymerization process, fiber lint and particulates are tightly bound into the sheet, and decrease electro-static buildup, which will eventually minimize scrap rate of copier
KM Clean Paper Product provides a variety of color and size, form such as notebook, printer form, memo pad, chart paper etc.
Available Paper Colors : White, Sky-blue, Dark-blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange
Available Size : A4 (210x297mm), A5 (148x210mm), B4 (257x364mm), B5 (182x257mm), Letter (216x279mm) 80Column, 132Column

72 g/m
80 g/m
100 g/m

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enlarge picture: BCR Spiral Notebooks (MyNotes)

BCR Spiral Notebooks (MyNotes) 

BCR® Spiral Notebooks are an ideal choice for cleanroom documentation
They may be used in many industries, including laboratories
Made with Berkshire cleanroom bond 1040
Can be customized with your company logo
Spiral design allows book to lie flat and stay open
Translucent polypropylene cover makes contents easily identified
Pages can be written on both sides; 100 pages/50 sheets
High tear resistance to withstand long periods in use

BCR Spiral Notebook College Rule14 cm x 22 cmBSNB 0508CR.20120
BCR Spiral Notebook ¼ inch Grid14 cm x 22 cmBSMB 05081/4.20120
BCR Spiral Notebook College Rule22 cm x 28 cmBSNB 0811CR.10110
BCR Spiral Notebook ¼ inch Grid22 cm x 28 cmBSNB 08111/4.10110
BCR MyNotes Spiral NotebookA4MNBK-A4.CR120
BCR MyNotes Spiral Notebook GridA4MNBK-A4.GRID120
BCR MyNotes Spiral NotebookA5MNBK-A5.CR130
BCR MyNotes Spiral Notebook GridA5MNBK-A5,GRID130
BCR MyNotes Spiral NotebookMemo SizeMNBK-MEMO.CR130

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enlarge picture: KM Notebooks

KM Notebooks 

Made with KM Clean Paper
Available Size : A4(210X297mm), A5(148X210mm), B4(257X364mm), B5(182X257mm), Letter(216X279mm) 80Column, 132Column

KM Notebook Lined 20P 72gA472A42101
KM Notebook Lined 20P 72gB572B52101
KM Notebook Lined 50P 72gA472A45510
KM Notebook Lined 50P 72gA572A551010

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enlarge picture: BCR CleaNotes

BCR CleaNotes 

BCR® CleaNotes "sticky notes" are the answer when all you want to leave behind is a quick message
A special adhesive backing lets CleaNotes easily stick to any surface without leaving particles when the note is removed
CleaNotes can be used in any industry where documenting results in a critical environment setting is part of an every day routine
Made with latex impregnated BCR® 680 Bond white paper
Designed with special adhesive so that no extractables are left behind

BCR CleaNotes5 cm x 4 cmBCN 0102.7210072
BCR CleaNotes8 cm x 8 cmBCN 0303.2410024

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enlarge picture: Cleanroom labels

Cleanroom labels 

Designed for use in a wide range of cleanroom applications.
They are made of a non-vinyl polyolefin material and are cleaned and packaged with a proprietary cleaning process.
Preprinted and blank labels have a superior ink receptivity for cleanroom pens and are compatible with most label print technologies including thermal transfer.
The ultra-smooth surface is perfect for bar code labeling.
Available in permanent or removable versions. The removable label pulls off easily from any surface, without a trace of adhesive residue.
Labels are silicon free, completely recyclable and can be used with automatic labeling equipment or applied by hand.
Available in standard rolls of 1,000 labels, in variety of sizes, blank or custom-printed.

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enlarge picture: Cleanroom tapes

Cleanroom tapes 

ALMArk Cleanroom Tape is a low-particulate and contaminate-free tape. Typical uses include cleanroom construction and retrofit, sealing carrier boxes, bags and bottles, and colour coding anything in the cleanroom. Made from non-vinyl polyolefin film, it features a super clean, acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive.
Tape can be permanent or, depending upon the surface, removed with little or no adhesive transfer, even after prolonged use.
ALMArk Cleanroom Tape is wound on a particulate-free plastic core, cleaned and individually bagged.
Works well on metals, plastic and other materials.
Offers good chemical resistance and provides an excellent moisture barrier. Performs well in a wide range of temperatures for an extended period of time.
Colour: Red, Green, Yellow, Black, Blue, White, Orange, Brown, and Clear
Width: 1,27 cm, 2,54 cm, 3,81 cm, 5,08 cm
Length: 33 m
1,27 cm - 96 rolls / case
2,54 cm - 48 rolls / case
3,81 cm - 32 rolls / case
5,08 cm - 24 rolls / case
Sales unit: 1 case

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