Special wipers

Bemcot® wipes 

The only cellulosic binder-free nonwoven wiper
Made from continuous filament derived from cotton linter, spun bonded
High absorbency, soft, naturally pure
Resistant to organic and other solvents
Inherent efficiency and ecology

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enlarge picture: Bemcot®  M-3

Bemcot® M-3 

The standard wipers of the BEMCOT series can be used flexibly in the maintenance of devices, the cleaning of screens and fore wiping inside and around a clean room

ItemItem NumberStylSizeSize expandedShts/PkPks/Cs
BemcotM-3složený 4x12,5x12,5cm25x25cm10030

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enlarge picture: Bemcot®  M-1

Bemcot® M-1 

Smaller version of the M-3 suitable for cleaning small areas.

ItemItem NumberStylSizeSize expandedShts/PkPks/Cs
BemcotM-1složený 4x7,5x7,5cm15x15cm15040

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enlarge picture: Bemcot®  S-2

Bemcot® S-2 

Soft wipers identically sized in M-3

ItemItem NumberStylSizeSize expandedShts/PkPks/Cs
BemcotS-2složený 4x12,5x12,5cm25x25cm15030

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enlarge picture: Twillx® 1622

Twillx® 1622 

100% woven cotton
Engineered for thermal stability and high heat applications
Highly sorbent and durable
Ideal for heat sensitive equipment cleaning and burnishing

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPks/Cs

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enlarge picture: Absorbond®


Hydroentangled polyester wiper
Soft, non-abrasive
Very low extracables, good chemical tolerance and high sorption
Excellent for cleaning and handling optical-grade components, work surfaces and protective packaging for delicate parts

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPks/Cs
AbsorbondTX40410x10cm1200 (4x300) 10
AbsorbondTX40923x23cm300 (2x150)10

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enlarge picture: TexWipe®


Strong cotton wiper, double-sided, twill-pattern with 118 x 60 threads per square inch
Bias cut to minimize fraying
Ideal for high temperature applications, spill removal, work surfaces and static dissipative applications

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPks/Cs
TexWipeTX30410x10cm1200 (4x300)10
TexWipeTX30615x15cm600 (2x300)10
TexWipeTX30923x23cm300 (2x150)10

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enlarge picture: Thunderbuff™


Silicon-free nylon/polyester microfiber wipes
Heavier, thicker fabric holds more dirt and residues than average wiping cloth
Effortlessly removes both oil- and water based residues eliminating the need for solvents
Machine washable, can be laundered up to 500 times
Designed for polishing exterior surfaces and for easy removal of surface contamination such as fingerprints and skin oils without scratching painted surfaces
Ideal for cleaning prior to the application of side trim and other moldings
Available in green, blue or white

ItemItem NumberSizePks/Cs

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