Sealed edge, cleanroom laundered, knitted wipers


100% continuous filament knit polyester with ultrasonic sealed edges
Smoth surface with excellent loft and hand characteristics
High abrasion resistance for tough applications such as chamber cleans

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPks/Cs
MicroSeal-VPMSVP.0909B.823x23cm150 Bulk8
MicroSeal-VPMSVP.1212B.1430x30cm75 Bulk14

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enlarge picture: MicroSeal SuperSorb™

MicroSeal SuperSorb™ 

2-ply bonded, 100% knitted polyester with ultrasonic heat sealed edge
Highly absorbent
Oxidation, Metallization, Photolithography process areas

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs
MicroSeal SuperSorbMSSS.0909.823x23cm1008
MicroSeal SuperSorbMSSS.1212.1230x30cm5012

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enlarge picture: Vectra® Alpha® 10

Vectra® Alpha® 10 

100% continouous-filament double-knit polyester
Lowest particles, highest abrasion resistance
Ideal for mini-environments, wiping interior of process tools and other equipment

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs

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enlarge picture: Purity Wipes®

Purity Wipes® 

100% continouous-filament polyester
Ultra low in particle generation, high absorbency and durability
Versatile in a wide range of wiping applications
Heavy weight, sealed adge

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs
Purity Wipes7-7225SE-99L-0023x23cm1505
Purity Wipes7-7225SE-BBL-0031x31cm7510

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enlarge picture: Polywipe-C Heatseal

Polywipe-C Heatseal 

Lightweight 100% polyester inter lock knit wipe, laser-cut
Non-abrasive, extremely low in both particles and extractables
General purpose cleaning, cleaning interior serfaces of process tools and equipment

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs
Polywipe-C HeatsealPCHS-9923x23cm15012
Polywipe-C HeatsealPCHS-99B/15023x23cm300 Bulk5
Polywipe-C HeatsealPCHS-121230,5x30,5cm7510
Polywipe-C HeatsealPCHS-1212B/15030,5x30,5cm1506
HexaWipeLWCS000423150 Bulk10

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enlarge picture: Polynit Heatseal

Polynit Heatseal 

Textured 100% polyester no-run knit wipe, laser-cut
Abrasion and chemical resistant, good sorbency with solvents
Extremely low in both particles and extractables
General purpose cleaning

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs
Polynit HeatsealPNHS-4410x10cm30016
Polynit HeatsealPNHS-6615x15cm30010
Polynit HeatsealPNHS-9923x23cm1508
Polynit HeatsealPNHS-99B23x23cm300 Bulk4
Polynit HeatsealPNHS-121230,5x30,5cm7510
Polynit HeatsealPNHS-121B30,5x30,5cm75 Bulk10

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enlarge picture: Quiltec® 1

Quiltec® 1 

2-ply quilted polyester wipe, laser-cut
High sorbency, non-abrasive, extremely low in both particles and extractables
General purpose cleaning, product wipe down, use where superior sorbency required

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs
Quiltec®1QT1-66B15x15cm200 Bulk10
Quiltec®1QT1-99B23x23cm150 Bulk6
Quiltec HexawipeLWQT000323cm10010
Quiltec®1QT1-1212B30,5x30,5cm100 Bulk5
Quiltec HexawipeLWQT000530,5cm1005

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