Presaturated wipers non-sterile

enlarge picture: SatPax® 550

SatPax® 550 

Soft, 100% meltblown polypropylene, Solution IPA 70/DiW30)
Exceptionally low levels of fiber, particles and ions.
Peel and reseal pouches allow for single wiper use and prevent evaporation
Residual removal after detergent or disinfectant use

ItemItem NumberPackageSizeShts/PkPks/Cs
SatPax 550SPX550.001.24Pouch23x28cm5024

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enlarge picture: SatPax® 1000

SatPax® 1000 

55% cellulose/45% polyester, nonwoven
3 different IPA/DIH20 saturation solutions - 70/30, 9/91, 6/94(6/94 canister only)
Resealable flexible pouches prevent solvents from evaporating
Canister contains roll of perforated wipers

ItemItem NumberIPA/DiWPackageSizeShts/PkPks/Cs
SatPax 1000SPX1000.001.1270/30Pouch23x23cm7512
SatPax 1000SPX1000.002.129/91Pouch23x23cm7512
SatPax 1000CSPXC1000.001.1270/30Canister15x23cm10012
SatPax 1000RSPXC1000.001.12R70/30Canister Refill15x23cm10012
SatPax 1000CSPXC1000.002.129/91Canister15x23cm10012
SatPax 1000RSPXC1000.002.12R9/91Canister Refill15x23cm10012
SatPax 1000CSPXC1000.003.126/94Canister15x23cm10012
SatPax 1000RSPXC1000.003.12R6/94Canister Refill15x23cm10012

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enlarge picture: SatPax® 1200

SatPax® 1200 

100% continuous filament, double-knit polyester
Solution IPA 70/DiW30)
Laundered and packaged in ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanroom
Resealable flexible pouches prevent solvents from evaporating

ItemItem NumberIPA/DiWPackageSizeShts/PkPks/Cs
SatPax 1200SPX1200.001.1270/30Pouch23x23cm3012

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enlarge picture: TechniSat®


Pre-wetted fabric blend of nonwoven hydroentangled 55% cellulose and 45% polyester
Combines the highly absorbent properties of natural fibre with cleanliness and strength of syntetic fibre
Pre-wetted with a 0.2μm filtered , isopropyl alcohol and deionized water
Packaged in resealable flexpacks, flip-top tubs and canisters

ItemItem NumberIPA/DiWPackageSizeShts/PkPks/Cs
TechniSatTX104170/30Flip-top tube23x28cm7012

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enlarge picture: PROSAT


100% Polypropylene with 70 % Isopropyl Alcohol
Cleanroom class ISO-5 compatible
70% IPA / 30 % Deionised Water
Resealable pouches

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/pkPks/cs
PROSAT 850 PS-850 20 x 20 cm 50 50
PROSAT 911 PS-911 23 x 28 cm 30 50

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