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enlarge picture: First Step Mat

First Step Mat 

Adhesive coated contamination control mat significantly reducing the level of traffic-borne contaminants
Designed to resist adhesive transfer and at the same time prevent sheet-to-sheet delamination This safety feature significantly reduces the risk of a worker-related tripping accident and eliminates the need for a beveled edge or frame
Incorporates an antimicrobial agent which provides long-lastin protection against growth of organisms including bacteria, mold and mildew
The antimicrobial component does not leach out, and is nontoxic
Fixing Self-Adhesive
Colour: Blue, Grey, White

ItemItem NumberWidthLengthLayers/MatMats/Cs
First Step MatAFS 145 cm116 cm608
AFS 266 cm116 cm608
AFS 391 cm116 cm608

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enlarge picture: Topmat


Adhesive coated contamination control mat
Placed in front of or behind the lock entrance prevents contaminants present on trolley wheels and/or shoes from entering the cleanroom
No cleaning necessary, dirty layer is simply peeled off
No frame needed
Total thickness (60layers) only 3,2mm prevents tripping
Antimicrobial agent providing protection against growth of bacteria on the mat
Index numbering showing at any time the remaining number of layers
Self-Adhesive underside
Colour: Blue, Grey, White

ItemItem NumberWidthLengthLayers/MatMats/Cs
TOPMATTOPMAT 145 cm114 cm604
TOPMAT 266 cm114 cm604
TOPMAT 391 cm114 cm604

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enlarge picture: Protectamats


Contamination Control Flooring designed for use in cleanroom entrances, gowning rooms, and other areas subject to pedestrian and light to medium weight wheeled trafic
A loose-laid option which effectively controls footborne contamination in smaller areas
Ability to remove even the finest particles from feet and wheels
Material Polyester, Service Life 2 -3 years
Formulated with a bactericide
Cost-effectiveness in comparison with other methods.
Non-toxicity, No outgassing, Resistant to most chemicals (details on application.)
ESD features: neutral.
Easy installation.
Easy maintenance (regular cleaning with a quality detergent solution).
Colour: blue

ItemItem NumberWidthLengthThicknessMats/Cs
PROTECTAMATCC02/061,2 m0,6 m7 mm1
CC02/101,2 m1 m7 mm1
CC02/201,2 m2 m7 mm1
CC02/301,2 m3 m7 mm1
CC02/401,2 m4 m7 mm1

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enlarge picture: Clean zone

Clean zone 

Clean Zone is the number one solution
Clean Zone can be laid to any length or width, offering the option of full room coverage Permanently installed, it is the most effective way of controlling all forms of footborne and wheelborne contamination
Material: Polyester
Resistant to most chemicals
Non Toxic
Available also Static Dssipative
Service-life: 3-4 years, warranted for 2 years
Colour: Blue, Grey
Minimum order: 2 m2

ItemItem NumberWidthLengthThickness
CLEAN ZONECC01/CZ2,0 mMin 3,0 m2,1 mm

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enlarge picture: Work zone

Work zone 

A washable contamination control floor covering specifically designed to remove and retain wheel-borne contamination in controlled areas subject to heavy wheeled traffic
Typical applications for Work-Zone are in access corridors and airlocks linking warehouses a packaging areas to manufacturing, or materials and components holding area
Cost effective method of achieving higher product yield and quality than other methods
Material: Polyester
Non-toxixity, no outgassing
Chemical resistance to most chemicals
ESD features: neutral
Easy installation, Easy maintenance
Non-toxic, No outgassing
Colour: Dark Grey
Minimum order: 6 m2

ItemItem NumberWidthLengthThickness
WORK ZONECC01/WZ2,0 mAs required2,1mm

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