enlarge picture: FINGERCOTS Powderfree

FINGERCOTS Powderfree 

To protect the product against fingerprints and particles of human skin
Very good sense of touch
Three different levels of conductivity, as follows:
n- normal, non-conductive fingercots
a- antistatic fingercots with a maximum surface resistance of 1010 Ohms as rated by the manufacturer
fi- fingercots with high conductivity, mostly in black, with a surface resistance of appr. 2 × 106 Ohms as rated by the manufacturer

ItemItem NumberSizePcs/bag
Normal, non-conductive40200S,M,L,XL1440
Antistatic fingercots40250S,M,L,XL1440
High conductivity fingercots40251S,M,L,XL700

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