Cleanroom laundered & packaged knitted wipers

enlarge picture: Super Polx ® 1200

Super Polx ® 1200 

100% continuous filament knitted polyester
Absorbs three times its weight
Engineered low ion and chemical resistant
Equipment wrap and wipe down

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPks/Cs
Super Polx 1200S1200.0404.1010x10cm600 Bulk10
Super Polx 1200S1200.0606.915x15cm300 Bulk9
Super Polx 1200S1200.0909.823x23cm1508
Super Polx 1200S1200.0909B.823x23cm150 Bulk8
Super Polx 1200S1200.1212.1430x30cm7514

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enlarge picture: Super Polx ® 1500

Super Polx ® 1500 

100% continuous filament knitted polyester
Absorbs twice its weight, great for wiping up tough spills
Works well with IPA, acetone and other solvents
Aerospace, computer/circuit board and semiconductor manufacturing

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs
Super Polx 1500S1500.0909.823x23cm1508
Super Polx 1500S1500.0909B.623x23cm1506
Super Polx 1500S1500.1212.1430x30cm7514

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enlarge picture: AlphaLite®


100% polyester
Cut edge, light weight, superior strength, double bagged
General purpose wiping where economy is important

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs
AlphaLite®TX100823x23cm150 (2x75)6
AlphaLite®TX1008B23x23cm150 Bulk10

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enlarge picture: AlphaWipe®


100% polyester
Premium, cut edge, heavy weight all purpose wiper

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs
AlphaWipe®TX100328x31cm250 (2x125)6
AlphaWipe®TX100410x10cm300 (2x150)20
AlphaWipe®TX100923x23cm150 (2x75)10
AlphaWipe®TX1009B23x23cm150 Bulk (2x75)10

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enlarge picture: Purity Wipes®

Purity Wipes® 

100% continouous-filament polyester
Ultra low in particle generation, absorbent, durable
Versatile in a wide range of wiping applications
Standard weight, laundered

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs

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enlarge picture: Polynit


100% textured polyester no-run knit wipe, lanudered
Good sorbency with solvents, abrasion and chemical resistant
General purpose cleaning and wiping exterior surfaces of products, cleaning interior surfaces

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs
PolynitPN-44B15x15cm600 Bulk8
PolynitPN-99B23x23cm150 Bulk8

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enlarge picture: Polywipe C

Polywipe C 

100% textured polyester interlock knit wipe, lanudered
Soft, non-abrasive texture cleans surfaces without scratching
Good sorbency with solvents, abrasion and chemical resistant
Ideal for cleaning interior surfaces of process tools and other equipment

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs
Polywipe CPC-4410x10cm30024
Polywipe CPC-44B10x10cm30016
Polywipe CPC-9923x23cm15012
Polywipe CPC-99B23x23cm300 Bulk5
Polywipe CPC-121231x31cm7510
Polywipe CCT-152038x51cm5 lbs4

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enlarge picture: KM Microdenier

KM Microdenier 

Made of 0,13 denier of continuous polyester filament, sealed edge
Ensures unparalleled wiping ability with high absorbency and cleanliness
Micro filament provides better contact to surface
Recommended for ISO Class 4 (10) and higher

ItemItem NumberSizeShts/PkPcs/Cs
KM MicrodenierWW-400410x10cm30010
KM MicrodenierWW-400615x15cm10010
KM MicrodenierWW-400923x23cm10010

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