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enlarge picture: Electro-wash CZ – cleaner degreaser

Electro-wash CZ – cleaner degreaser 

The first non-ozone depleting, nonflammable cleaner degreaser safe for use on plastics
Nonflammable – Can be used on energized circuits
Ozone safe CFC/HCFC free
Dries fast Leaves no residue
Cleans hard to reach areas

ItemItem NumberSize
ELECTRO WASH CZES7108E200 ml aerosol
400 ml aerosol

ELECTRO-WASH NXOThe non-ozone depleting,extra-strength, nonflammable cleaner and degreaser
ELECTRO-WASH PRThe cleaner and degreaser safe for use on plastics
ELECTRO-WASH PXThe extra-strength universal cleaner and degreaser safe for use on plastics
HEAD CLEANER IIThe most effective cleaner for removing soils from magnetic and optical heads and disk drives
LABEL ADHESIVE REMOVALThe no-drip foaming label adhesive remover safe for use on plastics

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enlarge picture: Pow-r-wash CZ - contact cleaner

Pow-r-wash CZ - contact cleaner 

The first non-ozone depleting, nonflammable cleaner safe for use on powered-up contacts and surrounding plastics
Nonflammable – Can be used on energized circuits
Ozone safe CFC/HCFC free
Dries fast
Leaves no residue
Cleans hard--to-reach areas

ItemItem NumberSize
Pow-R-WashES7308E200 ml aerosol
Pow-R-WashES7300E400 ml aerosol

Pow-R-Wash PRThe regular-strength contact cleaner safe for use on plastics
Gold Guard Contact Cleaner LubricantThe cleaner lubricant for gold and other noble metal contacts and connectors

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enlarge picture: Flux-off aqueous – flux removal

Flux-off aqueous – flux removal 

The aqueous flux remover for use in ultrasonics and in-line cleaners
Safe on plastics
Ozone safe CFC/HCFC free
Cleans all water--soluble,no-clean flux,and type R,RMA,RA flux
No spotting
Contains no silicones or abrasives
Can be used in ultrasonics as a cold immersion solvent, or with spray dispensing system

ItemItem NumberSize
FLUX-OFF AQUEOUSES132E5 litre liquid

FLUX-OFF CZThe first non-ozone depleting,nonflammable flux remover safe for use on plastics
FLUX-OFF HEAVY DUTYThe heavy-duty flux remover for removing encrusted no-clean and rosin flux
FLUX-OFF ROSINThe plastic safe flux remover for cleaning rosin and rosin-based no-clean flux
FLUX-OFF WATER SOLUBLEThe plastic safe flux remover for cleaning water-soluble and rosin flux

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enlarge picture: Soder-wick BGA – desoldering braids

Soder-wick BGA – desoldering braids 

The most effective,economical way to safely and completely remove solder from BGA pads and chips
Sized and designed specifically for BGA pad and chip rework/repair
Entire BGA pads cleaned in three to four passes
Available in rosin and no--clean fluxes
Packaged in ESD--safe static dissipative bobbins

ItemItem NumberSize

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enlarge picture: Static free plast-n-glas

Static free plast-n-glas 

The non-streaking static dissipative cleaner for transparent surfaces
Controls static, cleans and polishes in one application
Effectively removes handling oils, finger soils and nicotine stains
Prevents attraction of dust and dirt
Compatible with plastics, glass and stainless steel
Foaming spray won ’t run or drip; ideal for optical surfaces
Not for use on anti-glare coatings or mesh screens
For use on oscilloscopes, laboratory & engineering equipment, CRT monitors,control panels

ItemItem NumberSize

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enlarge picture: Stencil works IPA – presaturated wipes

Stencil works IPA – presaturated wipes 

StencilWorks ™ IPA is a highly effective presaturated wipe for removing solder paste,inks,and other contaminants associated with SMT stencil printing.
Safe for plastics
Ozone safe CFC/HCFC free
High absorbency and liquid retention
Strong will not tear,shred,unravel or lint
Holds up to the most rigorous scrubbing sometimes required to remover solder paste from SMT stencil surfaces

ItemItem NumberSize
STENCIL WORKS IPASIP100PE100 wipes per tube

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